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The Power of The Kingdom of God

But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.
Luk 12:31

In life we are taught to prepare ourselves socially,economically, and academically; these are the most influential areas of the human social experience. Those who are the most educated tend to make the most money, and those who make the most money are more socially exposed, and those who are more socially exposed gain access to all three of those areas successfully. This is true in the System of this World, but it is not at all true of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God contains absolute power. So much so, that the power it has touches every area of our lives. It has nothing to do with our level of education, or social positioning, or how much money we have, but how submitted we are to that Kingdom. When you think about a Kingdom you think about the realm or domain of a king; a sort of territory of a Sovereign ruler. Well, Jesus tells us in the gospel of Luke Chapter 12, to seek first the Kingdom. He tells us that the Kingdom of God has preeminence, primacy. It is the primary goal, it is the first priority. Why does Jesus tell us to seek it first? He is revealing the Power of The Kingdom. He is letting us know that all that we desire and would seek for is present and active in the kingdom of God. It has everything we need, because it is the territory of the One who is everything we need. There is no lack in the Kingdom, there is no sickness in the Kingdom, and there is no want of success in the Kingdom. The problem that we have as believers is that we seek everything else except the Kingdom. Why? The answer is very simple! We don't really know and believe the Power of The Kingdom of God. One reason we don't know the Power of The Kingdom of God is because we don't know what the Kingdom of God is. Lets define it: The Kingdom of God is most easily define as the expression of God's rulership. It comes from the Greek word basileia, and it means royal power or dominion. So the Kingdom of God is the manifestation of God's rule and power. It is not just a place but it is a system of sovereign government and authority. This is the message that Jesus declared: that the Kingdom has come, repent! God's government was manifested at the revealing of Jesus Christ as the Messiah (Promised King). Jesus did not just come to earth to save man from his sinful nature and deliver him from everlasting punishment, but he came to institute a new system of government. That government is called the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom is not a natural kingdom but a Spiritual Kingdom. This Kingdom is the most powerful thing in existence, because it is the place where God's Sovereign Authority is acknowledged in the earth. The Kingdom of Heaven deals with a place, but the Kingdom of God deals with a system of Government whereby we acknowledge the presence and rulership of God Almighty. The Kingdom of God is so powerful that it supersedes anything other than itself. This is why the Word of God tells us to seek it first, because in it is everything else we need. The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of provision, healing, restoration, and deliverance. There is nothing in your life that the Kingdom of God cannot address. As we seek the Kingdom of God; all of the fullness of the Kingdom will be manifested in our lives.

If you invited the president of Qatar (The wealthiest country, per capita, in the world) to your birthday party and you ran out of food; would you worry? No! Why? Because, everything that you would ever need to provide for that event is in his possession. We will acknowledge the natural provision of human beings but disregard the Power and Provision of the wealthiest one ever: Jehovah. The Power of the Kingdom of God is the revelation that He is more than enough in every situation that I face in my life. It is the realization that we are His children and He is our Father and He is the King of Kings and has all power. Jesus has invited us into this government and has given us the Keys to this Kingdom, that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever we loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. We have access to all of the resources that are active in heaven, right here on earth. Faith in the Word of God is the key that releases the power of the Kingdom of God in the various circumstances of life. As we seek this government, this way of thinking, this dominion we are setting ourselves up to receive the blessings that are present in that Kingdom. Are you walking in the reality of the Power of the Kingdom of God in your life?